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Experience The Awesome Power of God

Join us for one of the most phenominal worship experiences you will ever have. Connect with God as the Holy Spirit moves in your heart in word, song and hymms of praise when you attend The Church of Christ Worship Chorale Prasie Concerts held throughout the year.

Did Jesus tell us to spread the gospel?

Yes, he did. The Great Commission…  Every Christian is commanded to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. You may not have been called to preach, but you still can help. You can partner with us through your donation of any amount or you can purchase any number of our high-quality T-Shirts for yourself or a loved one and you will be proud to share your testimony of where you got it made. You will also become part of an organization with only one mission. To spread the Gospel of God with words, songs and hymns of praise in a unique and powerful way.

Help Us Spread The Gospel Of Christ

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”.

Mark 16:15 (NIV)

Atlanta CoC Youth Chorale

Unlock your voice and step into the spotlight with The Atlanta CoC Youth Chorale! Whether you’ve always dreamed of soaring high with your vocals or you’re stepping out to find your first note, this is your stage.

Under the expert baton of Gerald E. McClain, maestro of The Church of Christ United in Psalms Worship Chorale, we’re inviting young singers from Atlanta and beyond, aged 10-24, to step into the spotlight.

Maybe you’re nervous about singing in front of others, or you think you’re not good enough yet. Don’t worry—our choir is a place where every voice matters and grows stronger together. We’re all about making music and making friends, helping each other become better every day.

Picture this: You, standing with new friends, your voices blending beautifully at our big debut at the National Lectureship from April 13-18, 2025. It’ll be a moment full of pride and joy, where all your practice pays off!


Click the link, fill out the form, and join us.

Let’s make music, let’s have fun, and let’s show everyone what we can do together in the Atlanta CoC Youth Chorale.

Your voice belongs here—let it be heard!

The 2025 National Lectureship Chorus

Are you ready to let your voice soar? Do you feel the power of gospel music calling you?

This is your invitation to join something monumental!

Join the 2025 National Lectureship Chorus in Atlanta, Georgia, and be part of a breathtaking ensemble that echoes unity and faith through every note sung!

Welcome to the 2025 National Lectureship Chorus in Atlanta, Georgia, where singers from all backgrounds unite to create a symphony of voices. Under the guidance of esteemed musical directors, you’ll dive into rehearsals that transform your individual talent into a collective masterpiece.

Picture yourself as part of a community that shares your passion for song and spirit, all coming together to sing as One Faith, One Chorus, One Church.

Envision the moment when you stand on stage, your voice blending with the chorus, reaching every corner of the room, touching every heart in the audience. Beyond just performing, you’ll be part of a movement that uses music to foster spiritual change. This is your chance to grow not just as a singer, but as a part of a greater mission, connecting deeply with your faith and your fellow singers.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Click the link now to register your voice for the 2025 National Lectureship Chorus. Be part of a musical journey that promises personal growth, community connection, and the chance to make an impact through the power of your voice.

Act now—spaces are filling fast, and the chorus wouldn’t be complete without you.

The Worship Chorale Alumni Chorus-2025 Crusade in Detroit

**Do you hear it? The call to raise your voice once more?**

Join us for the Worship Chorale Alumni Chorus-2025 Crusade in Detroit, a gathering of voices past and present that promises to rekindle the spirit and harmony that once defined our days together. From July 27-30, 2025, we’re bringing the family back together, and you are the missing piece.

Remember the electricity of our performances? The camaraderie backstage? It’s time to relive those moments. Whether you’ve kept singing or stepped away, this event is your opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, all while doing what we love most—singing with soul and passion.

This isn’t just a reunion; it’s a revival of our legacy. We’ll mentor the new voices, blend with the old, and together, create a performance that resonates not just in Detroit but in our hearts.

We understand you might worry—Can I still perform? What about the time commitment? Rest assured, every detail is being orchestrated to seamlessly reintegrate you into this musical family, ensuring a joyful and stress-free experience.

**Don’t let this chance slip away.**

Click the link, register, and step back into the chorus line. Let’s remind the world, and ourselves, of the magic we create when we come together.

Join us at the Worship Chorale Alumni Chorus-2025 Crusade in Detroit.

**Your voice is still as important as ever. Let’s bring it home.**

Meet The Worship Chorale Graduates

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